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The Victors are the first generation of victors since 'The Uprising', beginning with the 76th and ending with the 100th Hunger Games. The victors were as follows

76th* Eliana Porter (songlong123)


77th Katherine Johnson (Mkiely23)

78th Katniss Everdeen (IsabelleFur111) 79th Hazel Leveque (Dawncutie59) 80th Olivia Turner (JustPlainme1) 81st Sera (Wiggleiggle1)

82nd Emma Rillet (Crysy82)

83rd Leah Matrix (Theevilgenius)

84th Silk Hope and Venus Pinewood (itsbackoffwitch and stargazl_04) 85th Everyone escaped 86th Geraldine Phox (Snavysav) 87th Monique Brett (TheEvilgenius) 88th Jane Thorn (Wiggleiggle1) 89th Emerald Tress (itsbackoffwitch) 90th Nancy Cruise (Crysy82) 91st Aaliyah Chanders (Typorules) 92nd Violet Johnson (heart_of_fire_72) 93rd Lizzie Martin (Mkiely23) 94th Loree Middleton (stargazl_04) 95th Layla Winchester (fuck knows) 96th Isobel Samton (itsbackoffwitch) 97th Imogen Daley (Theevilgenius) 98th Teams, all stars round 99th Christina Dibianco (emma.santos) 100th Olive Field (Crysy82)

Some faded into obscurity, others remain in the spotlight to this day. The Games as a whole follows the victors not only into the games, but glimpses into their personal lives - and as the 1A special showed (premiering half way between the 89th & 90th games), The first, of many, Victors Parties - which for the first time in club history, added the inclusion of ghosts; the majority of which held a personal vendetta against Leah Matrix.