Introduced in The Cruise, The Angry Lobster ain't no average lobster, son. This lobster narrowly escaped death at the hands of a District Four Private Academy chef when he was freed by Kristen Bezenschin, in order to chuck him at Kelsey Porter. He was then released, and so this lobster begun his quest of vengeance.

He is known for attacking humans when provoked---sometimes not even requiring provocation. It is ill advised to ever approach this lobster, or look him in the eye.

His interests include vengeance, fighting people, tacos, gay bars, and the occasional pole dance; he's known in the underground for working that shell himself.

Personality Edit

Temperamental and highly aggressive, The Angry Lobster is not one to be trifled with. He doesn't fuck around.

A believer of equal opportunity, this lobster will fight anyone, no matter how much greater in size or strength. Wrathful and vindictive, if this lobster perceives you to have wronged him, he'll fuck you up. Plain and simple.

Appearance Edit

This sex god sports a vivid red shell, thanks to having almost been boiled alive in District Four. His claws are gigantic---and are quite indicative of a few other things, as well. He's known for drawing in the she-lobsters with his ravishing looks.