SO2G is the fifth season.

The season premiered in January of 2017 and is still going.

In Panem time, this season begun on April 22nd, the sixth anniversary of President Snow's execution.

It is the shortest season yet, with ten episodes and is believed to be somewhat of a filler season.

Plot overview Edit

The season is centered around yet another party, this time held in the Mayor's mansion in District one,and is set six years in the future and focuses on the Victors kids.

Several bombshells are dropped throughout the course of the season and we are only five episodes in, including; Cami Mikaelson is alive, Kendall and Nic had an affair and even Evathia and Maisie, Katherine's eldest, share an intimate moment.

At current, the room where the party was originally held has been blown up and the mayer was murdered by the kill beam, and a underground tunnel leading to a train station is revealed - originally used a escape route during the first rebellion.

Episodes. Edit

  1. 'Sin in The City'- The premiere episode stars off as somewhat uneventful, with a six year time jump between here and New Discoveries - the first ten minutes being a catch up of sorts with the characters careers. However, an unexpected arrival immediately changes the atmosphere - Camille Mikaelson. Believed to be dead since the fifteenth episode of the previous season, it ends with a surprised Nic and Kendall interrogating the long lost - the final line of the episode being 'It's a long story.
  2. 'What lies ahead' - The second episode of the season starts off where the previous one left, with the arrival of Katherine Johnson - and we are quickly introduced to her two daughters, Crystal (18) and Maisie (22). Crystal and Evathia are involved in a verabl spat due to their conflicting personalities and beliefs, it is recognised almost immediately that Crystal is a carbon - copy of her mother, whereas Maisie could not be further from her personality. As Evathia heads towards the bar, she begins to converse with Maisie - the conversation quickly turns flirtatious and the episode ends with the two sharing a kiss.
  3. 'Hearts still beating' - TBA

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