Molly is a roleplayer from the 85th Hunger Games to now.

She, alongside Georgia, Crys, and occasionally Destiny are among the last of the active roleplayers at 90th.

Notoriously impatient and even more notoriously fucking insane, one can often find Molly drunk and bitching about others to hurry up posting. Her interests include wkd, online beef, Klaus Mikaelson, Game of Thrones, makeup, real-life beef, acting, talking shit, and being petty.

Her aliases* include Speccy Twat, Toaster Strudel, la chien femme, Forever Tipsy, Apple Crumble Cunt, Princess of Petty, and Twelvie.

*most of which have been given to her by Georgia

Her username is Mkiely23.

Significant characters written by Molly include: