Maisie is the eldest daughter of Katherine and Johnathan Baylek, the elder sister to Crystal and the last of the Victors Kids we are introduced to as of present.


Biography Edit

The Johnson's. The most famous family District One had ever had, one that would go down in history for both right and the wrong reasons.

Their off springs. Maisie and Crystal Johnson, alike in both personality and appearance - the youngest not yet nine and already had social connectivity that stretched beyond the district.

When Crystal was twelve and Maisie fifteen, things visibly begun to change. Both had taken their fathers appearances (in terms of the high cheekbones and brunette hair, unlike their mother) with Crystal dyeing her hair blonde, though it never did look quite natural.

The two, once so close, began to go their separate ways - arguments occurring most days

Personality Edit

Her families reputation proceeds her, many people are surprised upon meeting the black sheep that is Maisie Johnson

Hilarious. There is truly never a dull moment when you are with Maisie - a quip for every occasion, she is also extremely sarcastic and one to confide in, Maisie could not be further from the likes of her mother and sister - being considerably more likeable than the two combined.

She is also secretive. It may not appear it by looking at her, but for someone who has had their entire life broadcasted by the Media, it was apparent from SO2G's premiere episode that she had something to hide.

Although there is arguably a side to her that proves her Johnson bloodline, that being mainly showcased in arguments. Her next insult has belittled, shocked and hurt you all before you could think of your opening line, somebody who is fearful to argue against and has reputation in District one for being the one to have on your side in a fight, whether verbal or physical.

Appearance Edit

Maisie, no doubt, is stunning. She has blue eyes, full lips, rosy cheeks, lightly tanned skin and long, dark brown hair worn in loose waves. She bares no physical resemblance to her mother with the exception of their slim figures, leading to rumours of adoption in her youth.

Judging from teaser trailers, behind the scene pictures and the few episodes that we have seen her in, Maisie has a extremely 'high-fashion style', favouring darker colours and tight clothes.


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