Lana Maria Emma-Claire Bezenschin (née Constantin) is the wife of the warlord Alistair Bezenschin of the North. She is also notably the mother-in-law of Leah Matrix, as well as the grandmother of Kristen, Adam, Kendall, Evathia, Juliet, and Hawke.


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The warlord's wife is a generally polite-spoken older woman, who is seen to be particularly affectionate towards her family members, even when said family members are illegitimate. Though her knowledge of warfare is surprisingly vast, she lacks diplomatic experience, and thus tends to leave the North's affairs with other places and people to her husband.

In her youth, she was said to have been a formidable combatant in her own right, with a vicious streak that eventually died with age. Or so most believe.

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Alistair - As tightly-knit a marriage as one could imagine. Lana has stood fondly at the side of her husband throughout nearly all of his adult years. The pair were wed before Alistair assumed the North from his father before him, and they now have two sons together. It can be reasonably presumed that Lana would go absolutely ballistic on anyone she believes has harmed or plans to harm her husband...