Gigi was a roleplayer from the 83rd Hunger Games to The Cruise.

Though she is no longer an active roleplayer, Gigi was---during her time of activity---considered a major roleplayer, and had a hand in many out-of-character beefs, such as the one with Rhiannon.

Gigi's interests included Friends, facemasks, Mad Men, Frasier, hair design, the color pink, The Big Bang Theory, ridiculous character names, and anything with Margot Robbie in it (which is why Jorge is very curious as to how she must've reacted to Suicide Squad).

Gigi's aliases include Spoon and Pink Bitch.

Her username was itsbackoffwitch.

Significant characters written by Gigi include:

  • Silk Hope
  • Emerald Tress
  • Isobel Samton