Georgia, or jorge as she is usually referred to, has been an active member and manager of 90THhUNGERGAMES since the 83rd games (though it could be disputed that she'd been writing her first post since then, considering 5 years is her average posting time - if you're lucky and she's undistributed.)

A crazy - ass mother fucker to put it simply, Jorge is a petty little hoe rolled onto one short ginger girl, with a hatred of hypocrites, forgery and the inbred kid on Game of Thrones.

Sometimes, though it is rarely 90th, her posts appear as though she's closed her eyes and opened a dictionary, pointing at random 20 letter words indivually in order to form some sort of sentence - and if it was around a year ago said sentence would have probably had the word 'svelte' in - or during Molly and Jorge's svelte off, which lasted around four pages.