(This page is about Emma.Santos, the roleplayer. For Emma Rillet, the character, click here. For K00PATR00PA2, the roleplayer, click here.)

Emma was a roleplayer from the 90th to the 99th Hunger Games.

She is also, notably, the younger cousin of Jorge.

Emma is completely batshit insane, borderline psychopathic, and frankly belongs in a mental institution. Her interests include swearing at people, hitting others with frying pans in the digital and real-life world, getting pissed off over nothing, and just generally being an asshole.

She is an avid Eminem stan, as well as an obsessor of, in Emma's words, "making people realize the bag of shit they are." She enjoys Star Wars and awful puns. It is also ill advised to look her directly in the eyes. This creature is very aggressive and might just, in her words, "overtime make your soul look like a jar of molasses."

She also loves yelling at people. Anyone who hands Emma a paintball gun is fully responsible for the consequences.

Her username is Emma.Santos.

Significant characters written by Emma include:

  • Christina DiBianco
    • District 2
    • Victor of the 99th Annual Hunger Games
  • The tribute whose head got bashed in with a baseball bat or something (District: fuck knows)