Dawn was a roleplayer from the 78th Hunger Games to around the 99th Hunger Games.

Notoriously outlandish, Dawn was regarded by many as merely a troll. And yet, she was among the few to have been roleplaying at 90th since its initial round, the 78th Hunger Games. She was a known traitor in the infamous Beef With Rhiannon.

Dawn's interests included traumatizing Jorge, peeing on people (and not proverbially either, my friend), pedophilia, mouth-rape, abs, scene hair, backstabbing, possibly cannibalism, godplaying, and adding disturbing shit to an otherwise-okay roleplay scene.

Dawn begun her slow descent into madness following the 83rd Hunger Games, in which her character---despite her efforts and godplay attempts---did not emerge victorious. While the 90th community was completely cool with her coming out, people were less-than-impressed when she started literally sexually harassing other characters. Leah Matrix was her favorite victim, and many suspect it has to do with her aforementioned fixation with traumatizing Jorge. What makes it even more fucked up is while she purported to be around nineteen when she posted these various atrocities, Jorge was literally fourteen and in eighth grade. Is there even a question as to why Jorge is the way she is today. And we won't even get into how young the rest of the 90th community members were when they got exposed to her horrendous shit.

Dawn's aliases include NinetiethHungerGossip, The Single Most Disturbing 90th Roleplayer Ever, Traitor, Backstabber, Snake, and Idiot.

Her username was stargazl_04.

Significant characters written by Dawn include:

  • Loree Middleton
    • Tried to forcibly marry Leah. Jorge wishes this was made up.
  • Venus Pinewood
    • Literally pulled down her pants and peed on Olivia Turner.
  • Fern Wilson
    • 83rd games participant and Leah's then-rival. Was infamously decapitated by the victor.
  • Renee Wilson
    • Twelve-year-old sister of Fern.
    • Jorge doesn't even want to get into what happened with this character.