Crystal is the youngest child of Katherine Johnson and Johnathan Baylek, the younger sister of Maisie Johnson and girlfriend of unknown. She is often described as a 'carbon copy' of her mother, though she is arguably less calculating.

Biography Edit

The Johnson's. The most famous family District One had ever had, one that would go down in history for both right and the wrong reasons.

Their off springs. Maisie and Crystal Johnson, alike in both personality and appearance - the youngest not yet nine and already had social connectivity that stretched beyond the district.

When Crystal was twelve and Maisie fifteen, things visibly begun to change. Both had taken their fathers appearances (in terms of the high cheekbones and brunette hair, unlike their mother) with Crystal dyeing her hair blonde, though it never did look quite natural.

Her sister, and former best friend, on the other hand, began to rebel. The two, once so famously connected at the hip, fought more than ever.

Appearance Edit

Maisie is an exceptionally beautiful girl who stands at 5"7, with shoulder length platinum blonde hair. She has an admirable bone structure with high cheekbones, one that she tends to show off by sporting a high ponytail.

She is slim, yet does not possess her mother or sisters curves - more so "up and down like a toilet roll" - a direct quote by Evathia. Yet this does not stop her from showing off her body in every way possible, varying from crop tops, to bikinis, to bodycon dresses.

Personality Edit

Maisie, to put it simply, is a cold - hearted, manipulative bitch. Lethal in verbal arguments and someone who seems to have more gossip than the gossiper, and does not hesitate to use it against you; even ironically.

She has zero knowledge of the word loyalty, and very little knowledge altogether; preferring to use her looks as way of getting her own way, rather than common sense.


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